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About ME

So..I can say you just my name (but not family`s name) and my age :))

b`cuz .. if u saw at the album "Heey" ...whatever 8-|

My name`s Mimy (i dont give u my real name =))]
I`m 11 years old
my fav colour is greeeeen <3
and i JustinB and Green Day =]

That`s all :)) srry

Comments • 9

CrazyPrincessDia 15 June 2010  
so cool!<3
BonnyZXLove64 23 May 2010  
bbeauty...you look like viky...my friend....sooo sweet
BabyFace 25 February 2010  
very beautiful
BubuuLuvU 15 February 2010  
very beatiful`;x
kiss u ;*
TiffRealMe 15 February 2010  
U are cute
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